Loftex started its pilot production in 2013 with 300 sewing & 6 embroidery machines, a stitching capacity of 3000 units/day and a 2000/day in-house printing facility, all being managed on a total of 50,000 square feet of covered space.



Total covered space was increased to 109,000 square feet in 3 years’ time. Production
capacity increased to 17000/day with a total of 1150 sewing machines and printing
facility capacity enhanced to 5500 units/day.

This year marks a very progressive year within the Loftex timeline. A state of the art Denim laundry setup was established with Tonello, Traventa & Method equipment. Additional 12 new embroidery machines were added and the production capability rose to 24000 units/day with 1570 sewing machines.



2019 is a land mark year. A state of the art printing facility was established with an S-
Roq printing setup. Additional 30,000 floor space was added during the year and the
total production capability rose to 28000 units/day.

In 2020, a new setup has been established for Ethnic Kids with 200 machines. Loftex is
setting its goal to establish a one lac units/day facility, with a growth rate of 20%.