A state of the art Denim laundry setup was established with Tonello, Traventa & Method equipment in 2018 that allows Loftex to produce approximately 5000 units of Denim products per day. These products include, but are not limited to, Denim jeans, trousers, jackets and shirts.


Loftex has the highest in-house capacity for Knit products that stands at approximately 15,000 units per day. A printing setup has also been established for Knit products with the evolutionary S Roq Oval machine.


Casual shirts, men’s kurtas and general casual western wear are being produced under this section of the business portfolio where Loftex has invested in automated profile cutters and other Nissin machinery to ensure precision and standardization.


Eastern wear was added to the portfolio when Ethnic came into being with the idea of providing high quality fusion tops, kurtas, shirts and trousers cost effectively. An elaborate embroidery setup was also established with Tajima and Barudan machinery.