We believe that in order to compete on a national and international level, it is mandatory to follow strict quality management from the mechanical and technical aspect. Therefore, Loftex is currently following the same strategy. Over the years, Loftex has set up an impressive structure with state of the art machinery allowing a current capacity of approximately 34,000 units per day. To match up to the hardware, Loftex is running world class SAP ERP solutions. Other softwares such as GGT CAD and Wilcom are also in place. Loftex believes in upgrading and updating constantly in order to stay relevant and competitive in the global economy.

People Workforce

The Loftex management is focused on impeccable value added production. We believe the installation of new machines and technology can only get us to a certain level, the real driving force behind our success is our skilled labor force. At Loftex, employees operate efficiently every day to produce top notch products. Loftex’s technical team comprises of highly specialized staff which has served in the garment industry at senior positions. We provide our employees with frequent training sessions in order to enhance their skills. Basic amenities such as safety measures and monetary benefits are provided to our employees as well.

Research & Development

To maintain high and consistent quality levels, the Research and Development (R&D) department at Loftex has a fully functional product development division with conceptual development according to global market trends and cost effectiveness as its primary objectives. This division replicates the functions of the entire factory on a smaller scale so most of the errors are eliminated before a product goes into large scale production, thus reducing the cost and increasing efficiency. Further, Loftex is constantly in touch with its customer through whom it gathers novel ideas and feedback to improve service and quality. This data is essential in gauging the needs of the client.