Medical Kits

At outfitters, we recognize the courage & contributions by our healthcare heroes who are working effortlessly to keep us safe. To help protect them while they fight for us, we have taken an initiative to start producing protective uniforms for the frontline heroes. These uniforms are being produced at our facilities at free of cost for all the non-profit hospitals fighting against COVID-19 in the country.

Before being distributed to various hospitals and low-reach cities, the disposable protective suits are carefully produced and packaged at Outfitters, and later undergo protocols for sanitisation and verification by medical authorities.

We are pleased to announce that so far 5000+ protective suits have been distributed in Punjab towards Shaukat Khanum, SIUT, and 1122 center. Whereas another 1000+ protective suits are being distributed towards Indus. Next in line is Baluchistan and smaller district headquarters across Pakistan.

To ensure the safety of the employees who have volunteered in production, Outfitters is strictly fulfilling the standards within the facility during this process.

Thank you to our teams, the ones who have helped make this project possible as well as everyone doing their part in fighting this global pandemic. Now, more than ever we need each other’s support.

Together we can fight this. Stay safe, stay strong!